Want meaningful introductions?

Connect the dots between your customer data and your network with Mindful. Startup CEOs close top executives with your 2nd & 3rd connections.

Can you afford to be generic?

Static data doesn't get you far. Don't settle for general information and a 5-second LinkedIn scan to engage executives. Care to know beyond your lead's name, title, and headline.

Will customers trust you?

Get to the heart of the matter by gaining trust quicker. Mindful, a prospecting tool finds the perfect connection from your network. Then provides you relevant data and factors that are impacting your prospects' world.

What is opportunity costing you?

Often you're pulled into 50 directions, yet not hitting your KPIs is a non-starter. Too many people are counting on your new product and market launches. Mindful helps sales founders with few or no sales representatives keep their momentum. Team up with an ally for your next growth stage.

Your introduction to meaningful deals.

Your CRM doesn't quite get the high demands of your schedule and outbound campaigns. Mindful turns your passive CRM data into a higher conversion rate. Create conversations full of insight. Get the benefit of the doubt and a competitive advantage with prospects. Each interaction co-signed by a mutual connection.

Even when your day is hectic, Mindful make your sales conversations easier.