Impact Your Work

Use Mindful to dismantle social inequality by circulating valuable work to the unemployed.

Invest in People

Gig Prosper Economy

Invest and value people instead of cheap labor. Mindful practices "impact sourcing" by developing, contracting and managing local talented untapped workers and workforce programs.

Great Investments

The unemployment rate has dropped to 4.7%. While some disengaged workers return back to the workforce after 16+ weeks, most remain jobless despite a 99+ week job search. Your to-do lists are jobs opportunities for the unemployment line. Mindful helps you make a social impact in your work, life and ROI.

Don't worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow. Oprah Winfrey

Care Unapologetically

  1. Support you.

    Invest to accelerate your own growth. Get help to safeguard yourself from stress and exhaustion.

  2. Support your team.

    Get better tools for better results. Mindful helps teams to analyze challenges and derisk opportunities thru research and lead generation.

  3. Support your community.

    Empower people to build up their skills, business acumen and sustainable livelihoods.