Done to-do list.
BIG impact!

Mindful keeps you from being overworked & helps the out-of-work. Get a better ROI from your lead gen & market research tasks.

Do better. Not more.

We Got You

Mindful is a to-do list app that does market research and lead generation for startup CEOs, sales and bizdev teams. Your to-do list becomes freelance work for the unemployed. Make a BIG impact.

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  1. Work

    You're focused but your deep work gets interrupted. Stay on target. Manage the demand for your time & talent. Hand off the groundwork for your market research. Focus only on tasks worthy of you.

  2. Life

    You're purposeful and ambitious. Yet you can't be all things to all people. Identify contacts that shares your goals. Get the time to nurture relationships that are a good-fit in work and life.

  3. Balance

    Life happens. Find the time to breathe, focus and do impactful work. Balance it all by not doing it all.