Mindful - Do better. Enjoy more.

Mindful Squad. Mighty Sales.

Get to know folks. Win their business.

On-demand support squad helping your salesforce exceed revenue goals.

LAWD, have mercy.

God knows the buyer's journey is a hot mess! You get your fair share of bad leads and endless prospecting. Countless touch points, rejections, and decision makers' objections clogging up your pipeline. Enough is enough. Shield yourself from acquisition surprises.

Introducing Mindful.

Your sales support that's always prospecting and matching great-fit sales opportunities for you. Let us find and qualify leads . You focus on nurturing and building future partnerships.

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  1. Don't go in blind.

    Know the ins and outs of a prospect at a company or executive level. Look into past campaign, project or partnership reports to gauge buyers' expectations. Skip discovery calls. Deliver value at first contact.

  2. DIY is overrated.

    You can let your salespeople do everything and then sell to hit your numbers. Or divide and conquer to speed up your sales development. Top your funnel full of eager prospects ready for your SDRs to share your amazing story. Let your Inside Sales reps claim back their time and double down on demos. Give your Account Executives insights to counter objections. Use Mindful reports to woo potential customers into closing deals.

  3. Get buy-in at every step.

    Stay focus on building quality relationships with your presales and sales calls. Use Mindful for your lead generation and prospecting jobs. Get what you need to deliver the right message and best solution at the perfect time.

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A few select companies are using Mindful with their playbooks. Schedule a call to discuss if Mindful a good fit. Not ready to deploy your support squad? Get on the BETA list.